How WOM Is Increasing Network Value Through Incentivized Community Collaboration

Earlier this year Pedro Febrero wrote an article for the Toshi Times that beautifully articulates the opportunity cryptocurrencies have to build network economic value without unfairly capitalizing on uncompensated user-generated data and content.

We’ve designed the WOM network to grow through economic incentives systems that distribute rewards to everyone who positively participates in the network. This means we are continually looking for ways to implement value sharing.

With this in mind WOM partner app, YEAY, has just recently added a Team feature, which gives select creators the power to recruit friends and followers onto their team — and increase everyone’s WOM Token earning potential.

The Team feature is exclusively available to creators with verified YEAY accounts and has already been adopted by influential YEAY creators, including @LUKASRIEGEROFFICIAL, who has more than 3.5 million followers on TikTok, and @FaZe H1ghSky1, who has more than 2 million followers on YouTube, as well as on Instagram.

Verified accounts can create their own team directly through the YEAY app in a couple of steps — they simply need to give their team a name in order to start inviting friends and followers who are already on YEAY — or from across their social channels — to sign up to YEAY, open a wallet, and join their team.

The team creator has an incentive to add as many people as possible to their team. They benefit from earning a percentage of WOM Tokens based on the performance of every authenticated team member’s video created during the member’s time on the team.

People who join a team are incentivized by the potential to increase their WOM Token earnings through increased views, engagement and general exposure for their content, which is displayed in a dedicated carousel of team videos. The team creators can also give select shout-outs for their favorite content from the team, and this has the potential to significantly increase content’s reach and boost its performance-based earnings.

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