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Thread: Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH)

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    Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH)

    Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (Zimmer) designs, develops, manufactures and markets orthopaedic reconstructive, spinal and trauma devices, biologics, dental implants and related surgical products. The Company also provides other healthcare related services. The Company’s customers include orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, oral surgeons, dentists, hospitals, stocking distributors, healthcare dealers and, in their capacity as agents, healthcare purchasing organizations or buying groups. The Company markets and sells products through three channels: direct to healthcare institutions, such as hospitals or direct channel accounts; through stocking distributors and healthcare dealers, and directly to dental practices and dental laboratories. The Company’s products include orthopaedic reconstructive, spinal and trauma devices, biologics, dental implants and related surgical products.

    Official website:

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    Zimmer Holdings had its “outperform” rating reaffirmed by analysts at Oppenheimer. They now have a $124.00 price target on the stock.

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    Current price target consensus is even higher: $127.37

    Here is price target chart:

    Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH)-zimmer_price_target_chart_20150530-png

    And here is the chart of market price vs price target:

    Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH)-zimmer_price_target_vs_price_chart_20150530-png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH)-zimmer_price_target_chart_20150530-png   Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ZMH)-zimmer_price_target_vs_price_chart_20150530-png  

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    ZMH is swimming in and out like a dolphin, that in and out is my biggest curiosity for the ZMH holding. 108.19 on the board for a firm of 22B market-cap interesting.

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