You don’t have to sacrifice reliability, quality or service just to
save on your protective equipment. With AA UNION’s Basic Particulate
Respirators, you get the product you need at an economical price. All
from a company you know and trust.

This product is the one to choose when you need a lower cost
respirator that offers reliable protection for use in a variety of
dusty applications.

Features and Benefits

Materials: Made of hight quality non-woven fabrics, melt blown,
acupuncture cotton.
Use Case: Applied for hight temperature, humid, muggy environment.
Filters low-toxic gas and harmful particles.

Adjustable Nose Clip

• Reduces eyewear fogging and helps ensure a better seal and fit.

Two-Point Strap

• Helps provide a secure fit.
• Latex free.

Lightweight Construction

• Enhances worker comfort and wear time.

AA UNION™ High Performance Filter Media

• Effective filtration combined with low breathing resistance.
• Consistent high quality performance.

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