Advertise Coin (ADCO)

Advertise Coin (ADCO) is an ERC-20-based token that connects both buyers and sellers in the advertisement industry. Users can exchange ADCO for other cryptocurrencies on different centralized and decentralized exchanges. The focus of the project is to allow content creators to sell their content to their audience with ease.

The team at Advertise Coin consists of competent and experienced marketers, blockchain experts, and seasoned Fintech experts.

Advertise Coin also have its OWN Ad exchange features, which is currently in developing stages, and is going to be fully launched soon.

Advertise Coin is currently developing various Ad Exchanges covering the entire advertising industry.

Advertise Coin offers bonuses to participants during the token sale. You can withdraw the bonus or use it to buy advertisements on exchanges. ADCO is poised to skyrocket in the coming months.

ADCO is the token for everyone in the advertisement industry. Join now and be part of a growing movement.

Everyone who registers will receive free tokens, as well as will receive tokens for everyone who registers through his referral link.