A DID based IOS SocialFi app powered by decentralized AI

Claim free ETH Airdrop when you Light. Help light more people in web3 metaverse by sharing your invitation code! Snipe the cheap whale DID key today.

Discover the new era of digital interaction with Light, your gateway to the Web3 universe powered by Decentralized A. Designed for simplicity, Light empowers everyone to dive into the Web3 space effortlessly. Experience a seamless journey of chatting, exploring, and treasure hunting on the blockchain. Stay informed: know the latest on-chain activities, NFT trends and more. Stay Inspired : our decentralized AI recommendation engine would recommend to you the DIDs you might be interested in : whales/genius traders/airdrop pros and NFT collectors. Stay connected: connect with your off-chain and on-chain "neighbors" by investing in their keys. Get rewarded : Invest at least one key to join the group chat room and three keys to start private chat. The more people buy your key, the higher your key price would be. Light is your opportunity to engage, connect, and earn in the Web3 world backed by a decentralized AI Network. Keys and points will bring you surprises in the future.

IOS app link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lightsocial/id6476731345

X: https://twitter.com/LightSocialApp

Official Website: https://www.lightsocial.app