Cappucinu new memecoin on Base Network

Cappucinu is a one-man project, but don't be irritated, iv done a lot of work just to program the contract with lots of features. Now I have started to do marketing, now I'm just a programmer, so I have a lot to learn. The next step to get big is trending on dexscreener, for that we have to get up the volume and liquidity.
so, if you bought Cappucinu, you can also add liquidity - you will earn the fees on every transaction.

The Cappucinu token sets itself apart with its comprehensive feature set, community-centric governance, and innovative mechanisms designed for sustainability, engagement, and value appreciation.

Unique NFTs (Cappis): Creation of customizable NFTs perfect for digital art, memes, and collectibles.

Community Governance: Token holders can vote on proposals, fostering community engagement and decentralization.

Random Airdrops: Surprise airdrops reward community members, spreading awareness and excitement.

Liquidity Incentives: Rewards liquidity providers, stabilizing markets and enabling smoother trading.

Fee Redistribution: 3% fee on transactions contributes to liquidity pool and redistributes value to holders.

Reduces token supply over time, increasing scarcity and potential value appreciation.