TOKEN LAUNCH - CoZy token is now live on Uniswap (Polygon Matic)

C/A -


✅ low MC GEM
✅ Real Yield rewards
✅ Contract verified
✅ Trusted team
✅ NFT with real utility and income

Donít miss the chance to get in early

Tier: Degen/Medium Risk

Status: Stealth Launch now at 40k MC

Why: (2-3 reasons why you are sharing the project)
1) They already have real yield investment strategies in place (defi farms/real world markets)
2) The CoZyMoA NFT has returned 70% back to day 1 owners so far.
3) A percentage of the profits from the investment strategies buy the CoZy token making the price floor higher and higher.

Tax: 0%\0%