CryptoDOGS.AI - First 3A Token

CryptoDOGS is here!

CryptoDOGS is an open source blockchain project initiated by the core admins of the original ccdogecoin community, dedicated to bringing dogecoin to DeFi and providing a decentralized autonomous community for dogecoin enthusiasts worldwide. Early CryptoDOGS will be first deployed on the BSC smart chain, and will gradually expand to other public chains such as Ether and Solana in the future.

CryptoDOGS will initially focus on lock-in airdrop and automatic revenue, and will later go live on Swap and NFT platforms one after

Contract Address: 0x1d088154542dABb580C493Eea44eA27500e8225a

CryptoDOGS is the world's first 3A type (auto-gain, auto-deflation, auto-marketing) token. Compared with dogecoin and Shiba inu,
CryptoDOGS has limited total issuance and permanent deflation, supports auto-gain, and is a typical representative of third-generation
meme tokens. In addition, holders of CryptoDOGS can participate in up to 300% lock-in mining.