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Thread: EUR/USD Analysis

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    EUR/USD Analysis

    According to the an hourly report of EUR/USD of 17 July 2021 where the market price started from 1.18035 and after starting it went up to 1. 180200 that was huge uptrend but the market was not stable for long time it was again downtrend and it was 1.18010. However, the market lastly resistances at 1.18080 so there is a great chance to uptrend.

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    After analyzing of EUR/USD a weekly report in July 2021 can be seen that the pair started from 1.18585 and it went up 1.18890 but after fluctuations of the market it was huge down traded and it was 1.18030 that was the lowest market price in the week and finally the market resistance at 1.18055 so it may assumed that market price of the pair may go up.

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    On July 2021, the market analyzing of EUR/USD the market price started from1.22110 but after few times it was 1.22200 but it was not stable. Whatever the market was huge downtrend and it was 1.18490 and lastly the market resistance at 1.18500 so there is a great chance to uptrend for next month.

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