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Thread: Back-fill with trading software

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    Back-fill with trading software

    With my data providers the backfill provided is not unto mark for my analysis part they are just providing backfill for 90 days,

    But I need more, around 180 days, for the cash stocks, Even better if it is higher than thatů.

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    try with the service of RTDS as they are providing back data for 180 days

    i am usng their data and 'am happy with their service

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    you can use TAKIT pro service

    as with them you can also get back-fill of arround 180 days

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    See, Forex market depends on news and currenct economic only so traders should grab proper knowldege from a reputable source only and in this case I think TP Global FX broker's blog site will be really great.

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