has launched a new campaign for you to buy discounted ETH. You can have ETH with a %50 discount in this campaign.

Discount Period: 24th May 2021, 10:00 – 31th May 2021, 23:59 (UTC)

Relevance: Create a account and complete authentication.

300 – 1.500 Obtain Gldx Stake and gain up to %50 discount.

Discount Quota : 333 quotas in total. (limited to 1.000.000 USDT)

Discount Format: The discounts are given in the form of refunds based on users' net ETH purchases on Spot. The discount returns are done with ETH.

Requirements per Discount Tier:
Tier ETH Discount Requirements Discount Amount
1 50 discount 1500 Goldx stake ETH worth of 750 USDT
2 50 discount 300 Goldx Stake ETH worth of 100 USDT

The Examples:

Tier 1:

During the discount period, user A buys 1500 Gldx and locks with a %50 discount stake package.

The Discounted Amount:
The user buys ETH that is worth 1500 USDT from the system.
Due to the discount amount is 750 USDT, ETH worth 750 USDT will be credited to your wallet.

Tier 2:
During the discount period, user B buys 300 Goldx and locks with a %50 discount stake package.

The Discounted Amount:
The user buys ETH that is worth 200 USDT from the system.
Due to the discount amount is 100 USDT, ETH worth 100 USDT will be credited to your wallet.

In a simple way, it is possible that the 1.1 USDT value of a Goldex token to reach 96.8 USDT with an increase of approximately 88 times in a very short time with a reciprocal transaction volume of approximately 9 M.

What is Goldexcoin? (GLDX)
GLDX is a stock market token. Goldex token is occurred by the various asset funds algorithm used to prevent manipulative movements for the base price formation. The mechanism of those funds that are created at certain rates, working with instant transaction prices in the world stock markets, is the main factor in pricing. Against the big fluctuations that may occur in pricing, it acts as a breakwater. The base price of each Goldex token starts with the division of the commodity averages for which mutual funds are currently evaluated at the rate that constitutes the starting price of 1.1 USDT.
For Example: Fund1 + Fund2 + Fund3 = 96,8 USDT / 88= 1.1 USDT
The algorithm that starts to work with a 1.1 USDT prices continues to increase the value until the funds reach the equal of 1:1 by dividing each 200K (buy + sale) volume from the initial division (88 ~ 1) to one in order.
GLDX that completed its 15 divisions with 3M sales so far, continues to be traded at 1.85 USDT. GLDX that will open its board on May 19, 2021, has reached 104 USD as of today.

The Advantages
• Captures “0” commission opportunity on all trading pairs.
• The %99,9 of your assets are stored in “online” cold wallets.
• It has special rates in staking (Coin lock) packages.
• With OTC desk, it has special price offers with its "Personal Broker" service.
• In syndicate campaigns there is a chance of gaining extra bonus.
• The bottom tier receives market offers above 5M with deep common market function.
• With “my heirs” feature, the uninterrupted access is provided to the assets.