InsanityDoge is live!

We just launched our Cryptocurrency! InsanityDoge is live!

Insanity Doge is a Cryptocurrency that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance is the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world and also has one of the most important Blockchains running.

For every transaction in Insanity Doge there is a 35% Tax that is distributed to all holders of Insanity Doge. This makes it that holders earn Money without selling their Coins. With this mechanism it is more profitable to hold the currency then to sell it. Since usual Cryptos only profit the investors when people sell them, allot of people do so when the price is rising. This makes the dreaded fluctuations in price. Insanity Doge is designed to rise for ever and thus is a much more suitable way for investors to get insanely Rich.

All investors have to do is buy the Coin and then enjoy the Cash-Reflections as their Profit.

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