Flame Token Yield Farming Program

The Flame Token Yield Farming Program has started. Stake USDC, BUSD, DAI, MIM, LINK, MATIC, FTM, AAVE, or SUSHI, and receive XFL as a reward. The Flame Token Yield Farming Contract holds 6% of the total XFL supply of 21B tokens.

Flame (XFL) is a utility token for the creator economy. It is the native currency of Sharesome, a social discovery network for adult content creators. It is used as a value transfer mechanism on the platform. It is issued by Flame Technologies AG in Zug, CH. The project has obtained a no-action letter from FINMA.

Flame Technologies wants to make sure that they distribute XFL tokens to the community members who believe in the long-term vision behind Flame by showing that they would put real money into the Yield Farming Pool and lock it for a while.

The Yield Farming Pool will run for 25 epochs, each epoch will last 1 week. 50.4M XFL tokens will be distributed in each epoch. If you participate in the Yield Farming Pool, you will be able to harvest your yield at the end of each epoch. Your harvest will be based on the number of assets that you have staked relative to the total number staked in the pool. The calculation will be time-weighted to promote true and fair pro-rata harvesting. Everybody can add to the pool during the duration of an epoch and receive rewards proportional to the time your assets are staked, but the funds must stay staked through the end of the epoch to be able to harvest the rewards.