Vietnam has been and will continue to be, an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. However, Vietnamís stock market remains in the MSCI Frontier Markets Index probably at least until 2019. So before you decide to invest in Vietnamís stock market, make sure that you know the points. This article guides step by step for foreign investors who want to invest in Vietnamís stock market.
Step 1: Choose a brokerage securities firm for opening a trading securities account

We also recommend you should go to the securities company with someone who speaks your language. They can help you understand the contract and communicate with the staffs. Contact us, we would like to support you.
Step 2: Understand the regulation of the market
Before you begin to play a game you have to learn the ďhouse ruleĒ at first, and then you have to play better than anyone else.

Step 3: Understand the Vietnamese stock market
You may experience in investing stock market in the US, HongKong or Indian stock market but each market they have some distinct features, and there is no better way to savvy the market that investors experience by themselves. Not only because of the different conditional economy and regulations but also the different business cultures. So we introduce you some tips to help you get used to it easier.