Form and functionality. Utility and value. Combining the digital world with the analog world. This is how one can describe The Coop Network. The Geoma Dao Coop, the legal entity behind this project, is incorporated as a CO-OP, or cooperation, and subscribes to the international principles which characterise a CO-OP.


Platinum Crypto Academy and Cryptonaire Weekly CEO Karnav Shah expressed, “It’s exciting to to provide exposure for a company like The Coop Network which aims to be an economic model for the 21st century. The COOP Network provides decentralized lending, borrowing, staking, and factoring opportunities within the Lending Union. The Platinum Crypto Academy looks forward to working with The Coop Network on providing maximum exposure to the crypto community. We say look forward to the upcoming edition of Cryptoniare weekly to find out more about The Coop Network.