Maxi Players launches ICO token presale

Biggest ICO Launch for eSport Competition Announces Pre-Sale of Its ICO Token and Confirms Beta Live Phase of Its Gaming Platform
San Jose, Costa Rica, April 10, 2024, a pioneer in the field of digital gaming platforms, is pleased to announce the pre-sale of its ICO token, known by the ticker symbol "MXP". The pre-sale, starting in early April, coincides with the live beta launch of the platform, marking a crucial step towards the next major milestone: the Proof of Concept for its unique technology.

Gaming and Betting Options Now Available in Beta:

The beta version of is already live and offers a wide range of skill games with real money stakes.
Players can test their skills in a safe and transparent environment while enjoying the benefits of using MXP tokens.

Token Details and Pre-Sale Conditions:

Token Symbol: MXP
Total Supply: 100 million tokens
Pre-Sale Start: Early April
Pre-Sale End: Upon sale of all tokens
Pre-Sale Price: $0.20 USD per MXP
Minimum Purchase Amount: None
Purchase Options: Exclusively with USDT (Tether) or BNB (Binance Coin) in the BEP-20 network

The next milestone following the successful completion of the pre-sale will be the Proof of Concept, which will demonstrate the full functionality and scalability of the platform under real conditions. This will be a critical test for the further development and future expansion of

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