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Thread: Psychic Finance - A Crypto Farming And Predictive Market With a Difference

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    Psychic Finance - A Crypto Farming And Predictive Market With a Difference

    With different options to make a passive income nowadays on the crypto ecosystem, yield farming seems to top the list. Yield farming is a viable way of generating passive income with your cryptocurrencies. When you farm on a crypto protocol, you will earn interest from your investment.

    While hundreds of crypto projects support yield farming, one platform going the extra mile in doing so is our project Psychic Finance. This Binance Smart Chain project is user-driven and would reward you with the PSY token for farming on its network.

    What is Psychic Finance, and how is it different from other yield farming protocols? Read on to find out!

    What Is Psychic Finance?

    Psychic Finance is Binance Smart Chain project that combines NFT and innovative farming to offer crypto enthusiasts the best-in-class crypto farming experience. It consists of 3 different markets using the Binance Smart chain. These Markets include NFT, Farming, and Predict.

    The PSY Token

    PSY is the native token of the Psychic Finance network. It is used to pay for goods and services on the Psychic Finance network. Users can also use this token to pay for transaction fees.

    If you are a registered user of Psychic Finance, you can stake your PSY LP token to earn returns on investment in PSY. You can even increase your earnings by participating in the prediction market using the tokens you earned.

    Prediction Market

    Psychic Finance operates a prediction market where you can be rewarded the PSY token for correctly predicting the outcome of an event. For instance, if you correctly predict that the price of Bitcoin will hit $150,000 in December 2021, you would be rewarded with the PSY tokens.

    Additionally, you can purchase the NFT prediction card to earn more rewards. The reward you would earn is based on your card value. While further information will be released in time to come.

    How Can The Project Benefit Me?

    Some of the reasons why you should be a part of the Psychic Finance project are:

    1. The prediction market is fun, as it consists of betting, list prediction, game voting, results, and payments.

    2. Participants can serve as referees, predictive registrants, and betting executives.

    3. You must purchase a card to be considered to serve as a judge.

    4. You can raise an objection if you feel the results of the prediction is unfair. Your objection should be raised within 24 hours from the moment the result was announced.

    5. The more PSY tokens that you hold, the more rewards the participant can get.

    Card Types Available:

    1. common 1star
    2. uncommon 2star
    3. rare 3star
    4. epic 4star
    5. legendary 5 star
    6. mythic **


    Token Name: Psychic Token
    Token Symbol: PSY
    Decimal: 18
    Contract address: 0x8dbc995946ad745dd77186d1ac10019b8ea6694a
    Token Total Supply: 100 Million
    Total Supply: 100,000,000 PSY

    Token Allocation:

    Token Sale (presale): 10,000,000 (10%)
    Founder Team: 15,000,000 (15%)
    Marketing & Development: 10,000,000 (10%)
    NFT & Community Rewards: 20,000,000 (15%)
    Farming: 50,000,000 (50%) - When farming, 75% lock for 1 year, 25% free to withdraw (this is rule by binance smart chain)


    First Quarter (2021)

    - Presale Round 1 (limited edition 1)
    - CoinGecko Listing
    - Presale Round 2 (limited edition 2)
    - CoinMarketCap Listing
    - Promotions and Marketing

    Second Quarter (2021)

    - Psychic NFT launch (beta)
    - Marketplace
    - Further Marketing Drive

    Third Quarter (2021)

    - Predict Market launch (beta)
    - Platform Official Open
    - Exchange Listing

    Reward per block:

    - 1 token per block
    - Liquidity Provider:

    Pool list:

    1. PSY/BNB (LP)
    2. PSY/BUSD (LP)
    3. PSY/CAKE (LP)

    - Mining times: Until reach total supply.

    Further details below:

    Telegram Channel:
    Telegram Group:

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    Its interesting concept but we just need to careful with our approach, as we can not afford to make mistakes and that is why we have to be fully sure and careful with the approach we take.

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