SlayerX | EVM BASED PoW Community-Driven Blockchain

SlayerX (SLX) is a decentralized blockchain that uses Proof-of-work and peer-to-peer technology with no centralized authority or government.

Our blockchain aims to enable faster and more cost-effective cross-border transactions than traditional financial systems and provide individuals with control over their digital identities, reducing the risk of identity theft and enabling self-sovereign identity management.

With SlayerX, you can participate in our decentralized network. SLX is a blockchain with a store of value and security that promotes Faster Transactions and Settlements.

We have developed a system where We have pre-mined 2 m SLX Coins to be used as an early staking reward to the early members of the community.
Staking will be implemented soon. We have also set a 5% fee on every block for further development of our project, like liquidity, marketing, and exchange listings.


❖ Tokenomics

Block reward

Block 1 to Block 840000: 60 SLX

Block 840001 to Block 1680000: 30 SLX

Block 1680001 to Block 2520000: 15 SLX

Block 2520001 to Block 3360000: 7.5 SLX

Block 3360001 to Block 4200000: 3.75 SLX

Block 4200001 to Block 4386667: 1.875 SLX

Block 4200000 to infinity: 0 SLX

End Sum of all rewards = 98M

Premine = 2M (Staking rewards for early users)

Total Supply = all reward + Premine = 100M