7b is a new crypto broker for simple, safe, and rewarding trading. It is a reliable intermediary that assists with processing crypto transactions and accompanies traders at all stages of the process and provides analytical and statistical data required for making more accurate decisions. 7b broker completes trades on behalf of the user through the Android app and works through Binance. In fact, you get an app that will be your personal assistant in trading that is always with you.

What are the main features of 7b? Here are several important things to remember:

- Friendly environment suitable for beginners;
- All the necessary financial instruments for advanced traders;
- Powered by Binance Brokerage API;
- Utmost security provided by a broker trading app;
- Easy-to-use portfolio with many useful data and details.

How to buy dogecoin in 7b

- Log in to your 7b account.
- Deposit funds to your balance.
- Select a trading pair, for example, BTC/DOGE.
- Enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction.
- Success!