Buy an NFT and print it on selective items, such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Mugs, Stickers, and more


UDI Printed NFTs Marketplace

We intended to create this token and the UDI NFT Marketplace so our customers could use it to buy, trade, and scale products.
In addition, users that buy NFTs on the UDI platform will be able to print their NFT of a variety of products that will be shipped to them.

What's Next for $UDI?

The projectís landing page will be developed later this year, and the project phases will be disclosed and listed. Within the framework of our overall strategy, here are some essential points to discuss with you.

Enabling our UDI customers to purchase, sell, or utilize the coin in their transactions.

UDI Crypto Merchandise: T-shirts, Caps, Hoodies and more, and joining and sponsoring Crypto events(Starting here in home base South Florida)

The creation of a marketplace for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for our art customers because we are a printing firm and we collaborate with various artists.

Demonstrate to our staff, our customers, and potential new investors that they have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, which will assist them in the growth of their wealth.

Donating funds from the UDI coin to charitable organizations in the community since UDI is a strong supporter of the local community.

Making the $UDI coin available for purchase on variety of platforms (we already started the application for Coinbase, now they are checking our application and will get back to me with more information that they will need)

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is a very hot topic these days, and everyone wants to invest in it and make huge profits, so several companies are dipping their toes into the crypto waters. UDI is one of those companies that wants to help its customers by providing transparency in buying, trading, and scaling products using the $UDI token. Future

UDI Token Details


Website - https://udesignitcoin.com/

Dextools - https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether...49104422bacf20

Contract - 0xf048f7cc14fc53cb3bf3588e511408f588e4d738

Discord - https://discord.gg/PvsjmWXX

Telegram - https://t.me/+290441s44sNkMDMx

Twitter- https://Twitter.com/udesignitusa

Facebook- https://facebook.com/udesignitusa