Win up to $510 IQO tokens out of a Prize Pool of $10,000 before IQ OLYMPIAD goes public!

We’re proud to announce an Airdrop for our project that will be listed this year.

Top-tier members of high-IQ societies including Mega Society founder Dr. Hoeflin are building the project as core members. The private sale has been closed and the hard cap has been reached. We are now in talks with global top-tier exchanges for listing, and are planning to hold an IDO on a launchpad platform before our primary listing.

There will be an Airdrop event starting this week. See below for details!

IQ OLYMPIAD is a decentralized alternative of IQ societies such as Mensa or Mega Society. IQ OLYMPIAD aims to solve the issues of existing IQ testing platforms based on community-based operations and management. The IQ OLYMPIAD platform enables users to create, take, or curate IQ tests and receive rewards in $IQO tokens.

Official website:


IQ OLYMPIAD platform:





With a total of $10,000 IQO prize pool, each participant has a chance to grab up to $510 IQO. All you need to do is sign up!

Please see the link below for details.