Over the past few months we’ve been laser focused on strategic developments that support our overall goals.

Top of the list is protecting our community and following a rising number of attacks, we have successfully taken steps to enhance our overall security and eliminate fraudulent activity. We published an article in May to explain why and how we protect ourselves from spammers and other malicious actors and you can read more on the latest implemented measures and their impact below.

Growing WOM’s network value is another business priority that has taken center stage since our last update. We’ve published previously about YEAY’s Team feature, which enables community collaboration in order to increase overall network economic value and you will find more details on the latest enhancements to Teams to support this goal below.

Aside from this, we have made a number of improvements to our native elements to enhance our user experience and stamped out more bugs with plenty of testing and iteration along the way.

The following provides a detailed overview of the WOM and YEAY changelog from March 2021 to June 2021. As always, we have combined the update to feature progress across both WOM and YEAY, as the development of one is necessarily dependent on the other.

Backend: YEAY/WOM
Commits: 348
Files Changed: 654
New lines of code: +12,489
Refactored lines: -4,398

Frontend: YEAY app
Commits: 291
Files Changed: 200
New lines of code: +10,123
Refactored lines: -8,159

Frontend: WOM Authenticator
Commits: 43
Files changed: 89
New lines of code: +1,301
Refactored lines: -1,230

Frontend: Crypto wallet module for YEAY app and WOM Authenticator
Commits: 12
Files changed: 43
New lines of code: +1,145
Refactored lines: -203

Frontend: various websites updates
Commits: 1,012
Files Changed: 1,004
New lines of code: +32,123
Refactored lines: -12,221

All updates
Commits: 1,706
Files Changed: 1,990
New lines of code: +57,181
Refactored lines: -26,211

Preventing Fraudulent Activity
We have now implemented automated systems for detecting spammers in both the YEAY and WOM systems. We are pleased to report that from the moment that we released this feature we were able to automatically catch around 90 percent of spammers on both systems. This update was accompanied by clear and open communication with our community about the difficult decisions we have had to take, including further clarification in our Terms & Conditions.

Driving Network Growth
The Team feature implemented in the YEAY app gives select creators with verified accounts the power to recruit friends and followers onto their team — and increase everyone’s WOM Token earning potential. We have enhanced this feature by enabling team leaders to create exclusive video messages for their teams within the YEAY app to motivate, inspire, share tips and help improve content quality and output. We have also given team leaders the ability to promote team members’ videos to help increase exposure and earnings.

Updates List:
Implemented automated systems for detecting spammers
Implemented a report system to catch unusual user behavior in YEAY and WOM
Enhanced security protocols to ensure a safer environment for our loyal users
Added a new way for team leaders to engage with their team by promoting videos
Added the ability for team leaders to create exclusive videos
Updated the logic to tag uploaded videos
Added notifications to various events
Added a countdown on YEAY videos being authenticated
Added a notifications list in the YEAY app
Updated the search logic on YEAY app
Updated the gift cards UI/UX in YEAY and WOM apps
Updated search logic on WOM app
Enhanced the response speed of the major endpoints
Ensured the safety of WOM transactions between the systems
Updated the policy for showing the content of banned users
Added previews of videos when they are shared in a message
Updated native elements for a better UX
Fixed minor bugs
Tested, tested, and tested again

What’s In Store
Below are some of the priorities we will be focusing on in our next development sprints.

Coming Up List:
Graphs to display the earnings directly in the wallet section of YEAY and WOM apps
Playlist v2 in YEAY app
Filtering and sorting videos by language in the WOM app

Do you have any questions or feedback? You are always welcome to reach us through our Telegram communities, on Twitter or via our Help Desk.

*Read the Terms and Conditions