This light weighted Specialty Respirators by AA UNION provide
lightweight, effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory
protection against particles, with additional relief from nuisance
levels* of acid gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride.

The cupped shape, twin strap design, foam nose seal and nose clip
ensure comfortable wear over a wide range of face sizes.

Features and Benefits

* Materials: High-density Latex-Free fabric woven belt, soft and
comfortable PP inner layer.

* Use Case: For workplaces where metal materials should be avoided
(such as underground engineering).

* Robust Shell and Cup Design

- Conforms well to most face shapes and sizes.
- Maintains its shape during use.
- Resistant to collapse.

* AA UNION™ High Performance Filter Media

- Effective filtration combined with low breathing resistance.
- Consistent high quality performance.
- Effective removal of heat and moisture build-up provides a cooler
and more comfortable wear.
- Removes exhaled air and minimizes risk of misting eyewear.

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